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This page lists all the demonstration videos currently available on our website for Amicus POS. If you're looking for a video on a specific feature it might be easier to find by going to our features page and looking for features with related videos.

Amicus Built-In-Redundancy Demonstration - Keeps your business running no matter what

Do you want a new POS system that keeps your business running no matter what happens? A system to streamline operations or help impact your bottom line with promotion management.

Amicus is the system you have been looking for. You can setup Amicus to run with a redundant server, so in the event of the primary server failing, the terminal can go into redundant mode and continue taking sales. The system even detects when your primary server comes online again and will flick back over to the primary sever and upload any data from the redundant server.

In a retail environment we would normally setup the redundant server to be the terminal itself, in a hospitality environment we would setup a secondary server (usually a more powerful till) so that nothing goes down unnecessarily and the current status of all the tables and tabs is maintained.

Customer Vehicle Odometer Readings and Odometor Reading Statements in Amicus for Fuel

This demonstration runs through the functionality in Amicus for recording Customer Vehicle Odometer Readings and producing a Statement of Odometer Readings for each customer. The process is quick and painless and allows for multiple vehicles per customer and multiple drivers per vehicle.

Pre-Paid Fuel Deliveries in Amicus for Fuel Outlets

This simple demonstration shows how you can authorise a pre-paid delivery with Amicus for Fuel Outlets, it includes processing a refund for undelivered amounts.

Amicus Graphical Customer Display Screen Demonstration

This short video showcases the graphical customer displayed to the customer by Amicus POS during a transaction. The screen has three modes:
1) Idle
2) Sale in Progress
3) Finalise Sale
In each mode you can configure exactly what images you would like to display, timing and so forth. You can also automatically display a particular image when an item is added to the sale for added promotion capacity.

Editing the Menu in Amicus POS for Restaurants Bar Cafe Hospitality

This is a short video that runs through how you can edit the menu in Amicus. The important thing to note is that Amicus menu editing is entirely visual and can done from the touchscreen with minimal training.

Amicus POS Touch Screen Product Pad - Flexible and Easy to Use POS Touch Screen Interface

This demo goes through the options available for the touch-screen product pad in Amicus. The product pad its self is configurable in terms of size. You can add as many pages to the product pad as you like and on each page you can add as many items as you like. You can even open the product pad full screen.

The items you can place on a page include:
1) Products
2) Keymaps (functions, used to perform an action)
3) Menu Items
4) Menu Categories
5) Hyperlinks
6) Links to other pages

You can choose to have different images overlaid on the buttons, change the shape, size and colour as well.

You can even automatically include the menu from the hospitality modules.

Amicus POS for Hospitality Presentation for Restaurants, Cafe, Bar, Clubs and other Hosptiality Busineses

This is a short 10 minute presentation on the benefits and features of Amicus POS for hospitality businesses such as:
* Cafes
* Bars
* Restaurants
* Clubs

Splitting Bills by diner, by item, by amount or by portion in Amicus Point of Sale for Restaurants Bars Cafe Clubs

This demonstration goes through various ways you can receipt a tab/table order in Amicus. Options include:
1) Pay the whole table/tab
2) Pay specific items
3) Pay an arbitary amount
4) Pay a portion of the bill (eg split evenly on diners)
5) Pay for diners items

Quickly Saving Stocktake, Stock Transfer, Stock Receipts and Adjustments from the Touchsreen in Amicus POS

This is a quick demonstration to show you how easy it is to create a stock adjustment (wastage etc), stock receipt (from supplier), stocktake or stock transfer right from the touchscreen interface in Amicus Point of Sale System.

This nifty little feature is really useful in reatil and hospitality businesses because you can just ring it up as if it were a sale then press the button. No excuse for your employees not to write it down, it can be done in seconds from the till.

You can even use this tool to record a quote/customer order!

Bulk Price Change Wizard in Amicus POS used for managing the price of multiple products quickly

This is a quick demo to show you about the Amicus Bulk Price Change Wizard, which is a neat little tool we've made to help you manage the prices of your products really quickly and easily. It includes options for setting the price for a group of products, setting margins, maintaining previous margins (like when you receive new goods from a supplier or download a host file) and offsetting margins. The tool also allows you to create specials for lots of products at once or even multi buy specials.

This is just one example of the extensive price and promotion management in Amicus Point of Sale system.

Creating a Table Service Order In Amicus Point of Sale (POS) for Restaurants

This is a quick demo that outlines how to create a new table service order in Amicus POS. You can open the table service screen from just about anywhere in the system and also have terminals start in a particular place on the table service screen.

Once you've picked your table, then it's just a matter of keying in the items. If you enter the items in course order then you can even auto allocate the diner number.

Edit the items by double tapping, or selecting a line then selecting edit.

Then go ahead and send the order to the kitchen printers or kitchen screen.

Stay tuned for other order management features like kitchen screens, meal order manager, calling out courses, editing table service orders and much more.

Amicus Point of Sale POS for fuel outlets forecourt control demonstration

This demonstration goes through a few of the forecort control features in Amicus Point of Sale (POS) system. This demonstration covers selling fuel, stacked sales, drive offs, calling pumps, test deliveries and much more.

Amicus has a whole host of really neat functionality for managing fuel, but because Amicus was originally designed for managing retail, Amicus really adds value to the modern retail-orientated fuel business. Amicus can do just about every kind of promotion you can think of (like any 2 for $5 for example) along with rock-solid, industry leading stock management. Stay tuned for future videos on Amicus POS for Fuel.

Meal Order Manager in Amicus POS for Restaurants, Cafe and Bars

This demonstration showcases the Meal Order Manager in Amicus POS in our Restaurant & Cafe editions. The Meal Order Manager is used to quickly manage currently open meal orders and serves as a quick point of reference to them. The Meal Order Manager can also be used to view historical orders that have been cashed off, this is useful because it enables a manager to see what happened previously, for example, if a client complained about an order the day before.

The Meal Order Manager is but one of a host of offerings in Amicus POS for managing your restaurant, cafe, bar or other hospitality business. For more information please contact us.

Customer Loyalty System Example in Amicus POS

This demo runs through some of the customer loyalty features in Amicus. In this example we've setup Amicus to accrue 1 point per dollar spent in store on any product. We've also setup our reward program as a $10 voucher for every 100 points a customer earns. We've set the voucher to expire within 30 days. The demo walks through:
1) Earning loyalty points
2) Manually adjusting points
3) Using the wizard to redeem points
4) The output csv file
5) Spending the voucher

There are a number of other options for managing customer loyalty in Amicus, please contact us for more information.

Basic Product Management in Amicus POS Part 2

This demo runs through how products are entered into Amicus POS including a number of additional options like images, adding it to the sale screen as a button, using additional product codes (like barcodes), how products can be components (for recipes and the like), serial number tracking, storage locations/bins/isles, stock levels, reorder levels, product history and more.

Part one is visible here

Basic Product Management in Amicus POS Part 1

This demo runs through how products are entered into Amicus POS including a number of additional options like images, adding it to the sale screen as a button, using additional product codes (like barcodes), how products can be components (for recipes and the like), serial number tracking, storage locations/bins/isles, stock levels, reorder levels, product history and more.

Part two is visible here

Site (aka business unit or revenue centre) based pricing in Amicus POS

Amicus features a host of pricing options including customer based, rule based, site based, multi-buys (buy this, get that), volume pricing, time-slot pricing, specials, promotions etc.

This video explores how to set a price for different sites in Amicus and scheduling the price change.

A site is a business unit, basic examples are:
1) A Club might have a restaurant and a bar, and have different prices in each
2) A franchise group might have multiple stores

How to Edit a Table Order Item in Amicus POS

Just a quick demonstration to show how easy it really is to edit a meal order item in Amicus POS. Editing an item once done will send a printed edit notification to the kitchen as well as update on the kitchen screens.

Promo Pricing and Packaging in Amicus POS

Quick video to demonstrate managing promotional group pricing (what we call a stepped multi-buy) in Amicus POS. Demonstration includes three separate products with multiple packaging barcodes for single, four pack and carton; pricing is $4.50 per single, 2 for $6, 4 for $10, 10 for $20 and 24 for $30. This demonstrates nicely the fact that you literally mix and match anything and the system will just work it out for you.

How to Manage Course Callouts in Amicus POS

This video explores how you as a restaurant operator can manage the various courses in service on your tables. For example, if you have 2 diners sit down for dinner, they will likely order their drinks, entrees and mains all at once; however they will only want to be served their drinks and entrees. Using the course callout functionality in Amicus you can later call out the mains from the kitchen when the diners are ready to receive them. This can be done by a printed docket or by our innovative kitchen screens.

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